DRIP Marketing

DRIP Campaigns

Automating your businesses prospect and customer communications

A DRIP campaign should be one of the core tools in any company’s tool box when it comes to marketing. Put simply, DRIP campaigns are automated sets of emails that are sent based on specific actions or time intervals. We like to break their purpose up into two different categories:

Lead Acquisition


If someone is currently in the market for buying a car, getting a ton of information in front of them about cars ASAP is generally an effective marketing strategy, whereas trying to do the same thing to someone who just bought a car last week is just a waste of money.

Taking a step deeper into consumer buying behavior, we also see that a core aspect of the buying process is that people buy in stages. You don’t suddenly come to the realization that you're going to go out and buy a car tomorrow. Instead, you approach the process through a series of steps that culminate with you stepping into a dealership and purchasing a car. Lead acquisition DRIP marketing attempts to capture the attention of those customers that just came to the realization that they might want to buy a product, and attempts to nurture them through those stages in order to influence their buying decision.

Customer Retention and Growth


DRIP campaigns that fall under this category are typically things like sending out a set of new customer on-boarding emails or anniversary and new announcement emails at scheduled intervals. Touching your customers is the key to retaining your customers and DRIP marketing is and should be a core part of your strategy for ensuring that your current customers are receiving an adequate amount of touches from your company.

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