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It still amazes us exactly how many companies out there are investing in Ferrari level CRM’s only to essentially pop a lawn mower engine into them, simply by not utilizing any of the features of the CRM that require build out and customization. The best CRM’s on the market solidified their place at the top because they’re fully customizable. In our experiences, a ton of business owners and professionals find themselves in a situation where the sales rep has over promised the world and left the customer thinking the whole experience delivers a ready made product direct to your doorstep, whereas most CRM’s are more like Ikea furniture. We have found that, generally speaking, people who find themselves in this situation fall into one of two categories:

Dashboard and Reporting Issues

To go into all of the issues that can crop up regarding CRM reporting and dashboarding would require a website unto itself. The fact that a multibillion-dollar app market comprised of companies schilling app based solutions to this problem has emerged is testament to that. While app based solutions are great, our rub with them is that they get very expensive very fast. On top of this, you never actually own the solution. Stop paying the monthly ransom? All of a sudden a major function that your internal users have begun to rely on is now broken. We have developed solutions to many of the reporting and dashboarding issues that a lot of app vendors can also solve, but for a fraction of what their “solutions” cost, and you own the end result, not rent it.

Ongoing Development Issues

A major situation that businesses tend to not account for during periods of rapid expansion and growth is, how these changes affect the needs of their CRM. While your CRM was great three years ago, the new division that you brought on a year and a half ago was never folded in properly and at some point the product codes in the system managed to get all out of whack and no one has had the expertise in house to do anything about it. We would love to discuss any related issues and challenges you may be facing.


We can handle your CRM related needs no matter how large or small.


Are you like most companies with disparate systems issues? We can make your systems talk to each other.


If you were sold on your CRM's ability to automate your workflows but can't work get it set it up properly, we're the experts.


We specialize in making data come to life and we know all of the back end CRM techniques to get you the data you need.


We offer training for your managers, reps, and key stakeholders so your solutions work, even after we leave.


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