CRM Case Study


Implementing a CRM and process management system



 Business Air came to us because they were unable to get a complete grasp of their CRM opportunity pipeline, which was severely compromising the integrity of their reports and leading to ineffective management coaching sessions. Taking a snapshot of their pipeline when we started the project, they had 232 current deals in their opportunity pipeline amongst 9 sales reps. After determining their average sales cycle, and average stage durations we were able to create a report and dashboard that filtered out “Hot” deals from “Cold” deals. We then took this a step further and created a report and dashboard component to filter out opportunities without follow up activities. This became the report that the Sales Managers coached their reps to during pipeline meetings. The end results of the project’s effects on their pipeline are as follows:

Number of opportunities being actively managed to and coached on before project implementation: 232

Number of opportunities being actively worked by a sales rep post project implementation: 58

Number of “true active opportunities” found: 22



 This project required us to automate and simplify their company-wide expense reporting procedures. The previous process involved employees sending individual spreadsheets to the company AP. There were multiple pain points as a result of this process. The solution was the build out of an Expenses tab within SalesForce. Individual expenses were automatically tied to an account, required fields and validation rules did some behind the scenes calculations, and at the end of the month AP received a single report of all company-wide expenses grouped by employee and by account the expense was associated with.



Built a SalesForce object for a client that completely automated their performance review process. The challenges this client faced were that the process of pulling the reports and compiling data was tedious for the manager and that the reps felt the review process was more subjective than objective. Through the use of a custom objects and dashboards, we were able to fully automate the review process and allowed for increased reporting capabilities on the reviews themselves. As a result of this project, the Executive team was able to use the data generated from the reports to recognize and act on trends within the reviews that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.